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Employment & Training

EMCN supports unemployed or underemployed Immigrants and Refugees who are looking for support in achieving their career goals.

EMCN offers various programs and services, from helping you with your resume to supporting you with your job search, EMCN is here to help you obtain employment.

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Please complete the intake questions that will be sent to our team for review. Be advised that this application is strictly confidential.

Any information regarding sex, ethnicity, education, or disability is gathered for reporting to funding sources only. This agency does not discriminate in any way in provision of services.

For information you find sensitive that you would like to share, please call us directly at:
Phone: 780 424 7709
Email: info@emcn.ab.ca


Frequently Asked Questions

Will this tell me what I should do with my life?

Not yet. What it will do is help you narrow down what matters to you in your work life and help you reflect on what you should focus on to find & feel fullfilled and engaged in your work life.

What should I do with my Work Profile?

You should book a session with an EMCN  Employment Coach/JOb Developer who can help you create a plan on how best you can find fulfillment in and from your work, based on your Work Profile

Can I get my team to do this and compare notes?

Yes you can. If your team and/or organization signs up, you have the added beenfit of seeing team and organization aggregated Work Profiles.

For teams, email us at: Hello@MyMatchWork.com

What do you do with the information?

We use responses to generate broader insights into the assets and strengths present in the community, help to identify gaps or needs, and inform approaches and opportunities with industry partners. 

Who owns the data?

Each user owns their own data.

How much will this cost?

EMCN is making this assessment free for EMCN's job seeking clients.

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