University of Alberta & Caregivers Alberta

Enhancing employability of older workers and caregivers through technology 

With funding from AGE-WELL, Canada’s technology and aging network, we are:

1. Deepening our understanding of employment barriers experienced by family caregivers and older workers
2. Enhancing, our cloud-based platform that empowers employment service agencies helping hard-to-employ people by ensuring it meets the needs of job seekers such as older workers and family caregivers
3. Expanding MyMatchWork’s reach across Canada.
4. Informing the development of Caregivers Alberta’s Work & Care program.

U of A researcher Dr. Janet Fast is sharing years of study findings with Caregivers Alberta and MatchWork, an Edmonton tech startup, to help carers find meaningful work.

Together they’re creating a new module geared to the needs of working carers for MatchWork, whose cloud-based software platform already includes technology to identify work opportunities and connect other marginalized groups experiencing barriers to work

The research collaboration with academic institutions like the U of A and groups like Caregivers Alberta offers a dynamic mix of partners that boosts capacity in the non-profit sector and the platform.
The project is supported by funding from AGE-WELL NCE, as well as expertise from MatchWork, Caregivers Alberta, Alberta Seniors and Housing, Carers Canada and The Vanier Institute of the Family.

Research Partners

The untold story of unpaid caregivers

Webinars & Panel Sessions

Enhancing the Employability of Older Workers

Growing the economy post-pandemic requires us to tap into the resourcefulness and experience of all workers, regardless of age. Yet many older workers face stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination because of their age. Our panelists will discuss how to help people who experience challenges to work: by redressing misconceptions, by co-developing technology solutions, and by advocating for better workplace and public policies.

Balancing Work and Care – Strategies for Meaningful Employment

Join a catalytic conversation with our panelists to discuss the challenges of balancing paid work and unpaid caregiving responsibilities, the marketable “soft” skills that caregivers acquire as part of their care journey, and how employers can benefit from and better support caregivers in the workplace.


 Juggling providing care and paid word in mid-life 

The CORE Caregivers Group hosted a session to showcase what research is revealing on mid-life caregivers (age 50+) who provide care to family or friends and the kinds of challenges that arise for those juggling care work and paid work. The session also prompted questioning on what kinds of resources need to be available to support these unique caregivers. 

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