Match people to meaningful work

The ground breaking cloud platform nonprofits use to connect job seekers to meaningful work

Bridging the Gap to Meaningful Work

We use cutting edge technology to augment your ability to understand your workforce's needs, what barriers they face and match them to the right jobs for them.

Ask the right questions

Meaningfully discover what people need from work & what challenges they are facing in meeting these needs.

Understand: Data Driven

With our proprietary framework, get the data you need to understand what drives people to work, what employment barriers they may be facing and what meaningful work looks like for each person.

Match to meaningful work

Get individualized job matches for each person using our AI. 

Smart Job Matching

Find the right fit for each person.

Whether your are hiring or helping someone find work, the right fit is everything. It impacts retention, engagement and everyone's wellbeing.

Let's help you find the right job fit.

Smart Insights

Easily access all of your job seekers' employability data and insights.

Trusted by Companies & Organizations of all sizes

"We have really enjoyed working with MatchWork over the past 14 months. They have worked with us to adapt to the many challenges of 2020 so that we could continue connecting with job seekers virtually."


Matthew Taylor

United Way

"The MatchWork team provided constant support and regularly updated their tools and product features. The MatchWork team were invested partners in our work and have helped us to improve how we engage with and support our communities."

Team Lead

Communities United

"MatchWork is easy to use, which is a huge plus when working with newcomers and immigrants, but even more so, the software touches on areas of "fit" in the Canadian labour market that most newcomers and immigrants are new to understanding. User-friendly, great assessment, and support from the MatchWork team is great."

Senior Manager,
Employment and Training Programs

Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers (EMCN)

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